Best 4K TV for Xbox Series X (OLED, QD-OLED, Mini LED)


Best 4K LED TV for Xbox Series X

Samsung Neo QLED QN90A

Do I need a 4K TV for Xbox Series X?

While the Xbox Series X supports both 1440p and 4K resolutions, the best visual experience will come from a 4K TV. Fortunately, most TVs in today’s market offer 4K screen resolutions – with even the most introductory 4K options.

That said, if you are looking for a large screen gaming screen for both console and PC gaming, you do not necessarily have to choose a 4K option. As we just said, Xbox Series X consoles support 1440p, which means you will be able to get one of the best 1440p displays and still enjoy excellent visual performance.

Things to Consider When Buying a 4K TV for Xbox Series X

When it comes to choosing the perfect 4K TV for your Xbox Series X, there are a number of specifications you need to understand. Unlike older models, you can not just get any old 4K TV anymore and expect advanced gaming performance. Refresh rates, response times, input delay and VRR should all take into account your decision making process.

To make the buying process a little easier, we will outline the most important performance-specific specifications below – and explain why you should consider them when buying a new TV.

Update frequency

For Xbox Series X gamers, refresh rates should be one of the first specifications you look for when purchasing a new 4K TV. As we have already said, the Xbox Series X now has the potential to produce 4K games at 120 frames per second. If you want to enjoy the smoothness that comes hand in hand with it, you will want a 120Hz TV.

Refresh rate simply refers to the number of times the TV or screen updates the picture per second. If you want the smoothest play possible, match the frame rate of the console to the refresh rate of the TV – you will not look back.

VRR (Variable refresh rate)

It brings us well into VRR, or technology with variable refresh rate. When using a 120Hz refresh rate TV with a console that can produce 120 frames per second, you should also consider VRR.

This technology synchronizes the refresh rate of the output from your console, delivering incredible smoothness that is hard to beat. It will also remove annoying screen artifacts such as screen tearing which can reduce the image quality exponentially.

How to test 4K TVs for Xbox Series X

Whether it’s a best-of-guide or a simple product review, we ensure that every TV we recommend has been through a rigorous testing process. We not only search Amazon for the top sellers, we hand-pick the best TVs on the market, and each one is tested with the same thorough care and attention as last time. This ensures that we can present you with the best products the market has to offer and gives our readers confidence that they can trust any game TV we recommend that has been through the same impartial review process.

As part of the TV review process, we like to test each for color accuracy, response, panel uniformity, build quality and overall game performance. We use a number of specifically designed tools to capture the data for each TV, ensuring that only the highest levels of accuracy are recorded during testing. This process allows us to hand-select the best TVs from both a performance and value point of view, while we can compare the latest models with last season’s bestsellers.

Click here for our in-depth explanation of how we test our Xbox Series X game TVs.

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