Best Amazon Prime Day Display Deals 2022 (4K, 240Hz, Ultrawide, Gaming)

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Amazon finally lifted the lid on the official Amazon Prime Day launch today, with this year’s two-day sales bonanza running from July 12 to Wednesday the 13th – giving you plenty of time to research, find and buy your dream monitor. That’s right folks, this site will be dedicated to the best Amazon Prime Day display offers in July, with our proven offer team doing all the work so you do not need it.

We are extremely excited about this year’s Amazon Prime Day, with many contract experts suggesting that it may be one of the best in many years. Why do I hear you ask? Well, with inventory levels starting to normalize, new hardware being launched and COVID slowly slipping into the past, there will not be nearly as many roadblocks around this year’s Amazon Prime Day.

Even better, with new stocks starting to hit the shelves, Amazon is likely to want to get rid of all “aging” stocks, which means huge savings on advanced displays that are still incredibly efficient and immersive. Whether you’re looking for one of the best gaming monitors, ultra-wide screens, 4K screens or super ultra-wide screens, we have all the greatest display offerings on Amazon Prime Day.

Below we have listed everything you need to know when it comes to finding the best Amazon Prime Day screen deals.

Latest early Amazon Prime Day monitor deals in the US

Latest early Amazon Prime Day monitor deals in the UK

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon has today confirmed the dates for this year’s Prime Day, with July 12-13 are the preferred days for the mega events with offers. Like most years, it seems that Prime Day runs around the same time of year – with mid-July as the chosen month for the sales bonanza (forget the infamous withdrawal COVID year).

With that in mind, there will be early deals over the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned to this page if you want to stay up to date with the latest Prime Day screen deals.

Tips for Buying Monitors on Amazon Prime Day

New to the entire Amazon Prime Day sales event? If so, do not worry, WePC is here to help you find the best deals on July 12th. We have tons of experience when it comes to this type of event, and cover the best deals every single year.

To make your life a little easier, we have decided to give away some of our top secrets and tips for finding the best screen deals on the big day.

Buy when you see a good deal – During the last 24 months, the stock level has not exactly been at the highest level. Most of the market’s leading game monitors have hit the shelves in saliva and splashes, which means that the products have been sold out faster than ever. On Amazon Prime Day, you can increase your purchase speed exponentially, with stocks lasting even shorter. That said, our number 1 tip is that if you see a cracking deal on a screen this year, do not hesitate to put it in the basket.

Examine the best monitors – It’s no secret that Amazon can sometimes be “quick and loose” when it comes to price monitoring. One of our best tips is to research the screens you are interested in before the big day so you know what they usually cost. This way you will be able to effectively find out if a “good deal” is actually a good deal or not.

Bookmark your favorite screens – Another great way to keep track of the screens you’re interested in is to simply bookmark these pages and keep updating them around Prime Day. In this way, you will be able to focus more clearly on a few specific screens and not risk impulse purchases – something we have all fallen victim to over the years.

Bookmark this page – Finally, and potentially the most important tip we can give you, is to bookmark this page! Our team of contract experts does all the hard work for you when it comes to Amazon Prime Day – looking online to find the biggest and best deals on this year’s displays. If you’re looking for the easiest and most effective way to stay up to date on this year’s Amazon Prime Day screen offer, just come back here and we’ve got all the latest deals in place.

What were the best Amazon Prime Day display offers in 2021?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 was a pretty good year when it comes to screen deals. It hosted a ton of deals on some of the market’s best 2020 models – including 4K, 144Hz, 1080p and ultra-wide offerings. We saw well over £ 100 beaten by some of the market’s best gaming monitors, with major brands such as Samsung, Acer, ASUS, ZOWIE and DELL all included.

While many of last year’s offers were found on 2020 models, this was not always the case. We also saw some of the best game monitors from 2021 at a discount – albeit with a smaller margin. Older gaming monitors were reduced by up to 40%, meaning buyers could have saved up a tasty £ 300.

Some of the advanced options at the time were also reduced, but the savings were not as generous. We saw ASUS, Alienware and Samsung models reduced by £ 150.

with that in mind, and as inventory levels begin to become more widespread, we expect this year’s Amazon Prime Day to be one of the best to date.

Do I need Amazon Prime to get a Prime Day display offer?

While this may sound obvious, it is actually one of the most common questions we receive at this time of year. And unfortunately, the answer is yes, you need an Amazon Prime account to be eligible for Prime Day monitor appointments.

Fortunately, you can start a free 30-day Prime trial period that allows you to get a taste of the red-hot offers without spending a dime. And do not worry too much, Bezos is after all one of the richest men in the world!