Best pre-built gaming PCs of 2022

The best pre-built gaming PCs give you all the high-performance hardware you can get by building it yourself, without having to do it. You have to pay a little extra to have system building experts to make your next slot machine, but it may be worth it if you have little time or expertise.

If you just want to start playing with higher frame rates, resolutions and detail settings right away, a pre-built gaming PC is a great way to upgrade your gaming experience today. Here are some of the best pre-built gaming PCs you can buy.

Best pre-built gaming PC overall

Quality and performance at a fair price

AMD’s latest Ryzen 5000 processors stormed forward in the gaming performance benchmarks for the first time in many years when they were first released. Although Intel’s new Alder Lake processors give them great value, the AMD’s 5800X is still a giant CPU, and at this price it helps drive this Asus gaming PC to the forefront as the best pre-built gaming PC. one you can buy today.

Nvidia RTX 3070 is a fantastic graphics card to pair it with, and delivers greater performance than the latest generation kingpin, RTX 2080 Ti, with improved ray tracing and DLSS support. The whole system is attractive and accessible, with a clear side panel that gives you a look at all the components of the new generation, and although the cabinet is not huge, there is plenty of space inside if you want to rummage around and upgrade components in the future.

You also get a half terabyte NVMe SSD for fast game load times and Windows boot times, an additional 1TB hard drive for long-term storage and 16GB high-speed RAM.

Best compact pre-built gaming PC

A console-like gaming PC

MSI’s range of miniature, console-like Trident PCs has been a major source of compact gaming power for years now, and the latest generation Trident 3 is a perfect example of that. Inside the small chassis is a highly capable Intel Core i5-11400F six-core gaming processor, along with the ITX version of Nvidia’s excellent RTX 3060 graphics card. This makes it small, but no less powerful, and gives you all the power you need for a high frame rate of 1080p in just about any game you choose.

Elsewhere in the building, the Trident 3 has 16GB of high-speed DDR4 memory, half a terabyte of SSD storage and support for the latest Wi-Fi 6e wireless network, for high-speed connectivity, whether you’re playing, downloading large files, or streaming a movie .

It does all this in a case that is less than 5 liters in size, and weighs only seven pounds. This system is barely bigger or heavier than your average gaming laptop, making it a great pre-built gaming PC that can be stored in the living room or in the compact bead room.

Best advanced pre-built gaming PC

Innovative performance

Editor’s choice

Corsair One PCs are very expensive even for being pre-built, but there is no doubt that they are the absolute kings of performance and build quality. This model has some of the most powerful components you can buy, and combines an Intel Core i9-12900K 16-core processor with an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card – it’s about the best combination of gaming components you can buy in 2022.

That alone is more than enough to handle 4K gaming with all the settings at its highest and with ray tracing enabled, but the rest of the Corsair One package really makes this gaming PC something special. It is surprisingly compact for such an advanced system, and still manages to accommodate 32 GB of high-speed DDR5 memory, a terabyte of M.2 NVMe storage and 2 TB of extra hard disk space for long-term storage.

The CPU and graphics card are both water-cooled, which means that they whisper quietly even during heavy use and open up room for overclocking them both if you want to do so. The extra cooling allows them to boost higher than most of their contemporaries already, which means that this is one of the best gaming PCs when it comes to raw performance right off the shelf. It also looks fantastic, with its vertical design that gives it a unique look that really stands out among its more boxed contemporaries.

Best pre-built gaming PC under $ 1000

Easily outclass the competition

As graphics card prices begin to return to normal in 2022, you can suddenly get a lot of gaming power for around $ 1,000. In this excellent example from CyberPowerPC, you get the combination of an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G six-core processor, and the fantastic RX 6600XT graphics card – a potent combination for 1080p gaming regardless of detail setting.

8GB of RAM is a bit weak, and it would be a good place to focus your attention for an initial upgrade, but it has half a terabyte of SSD storage for fast boot times and even faster game loading. It even comes with its own mouse and keyboard, so you can jump into a game as soon as you open the box.

Want to adjust what it looks like? There is plenty of RGB lighting in the chassis and on the CPU cooler, so you can customize your color accents to make it stand out from the crowd.

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Fastest pre-built gaming PC

As fast as it gets

Best features

If you want to live on the bleeding edge of PC performance, nothing compares to the new Alienware Aurora R13. It connects Intel’s fastest gaming processor ever, the Core i9-12900KF, with Nvidia’s fastest graphics card ever, the RTX 3090. Together, they give you all the power you need to play with 4K resolution, with all settings turned up to ultra in absolutely any games you want to play.

You also get good frame rates, and with 64 GB of high-speed memory and a terabyte of high-speed NVME storage, the entire system will feel fast and responsive whether you play a high-stakes game, edit video or just surf the web.

The CPU is liquid-cooled for quiet operation and low temperatures, giving you some room for overclocking if you want it, and the entire chassis has a unique look that helps it stand out from the more boxed designs of its contemporaries.

Best pre-built gaming PC under $ 1500

Save big on this super-powered PC

Value for your money

Who said you have to spend $ 1,500 to get a $ 1,500 gaming PC? In fact, this ABS Master Gaming PC is well specified where it should be at its current price with a combination of a potent Intel Core i5-11400F processor and the excellent Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti graphics card. It gives you all the power you need for advanced 1080p gaming or even trying 1440p in less intense games.

It is built inside a unique looking chassis that is easily accessible, making it easy to upgrade. The cable management is neat and tidy for an aesthetically pleasing PC inside and out. There are plenty of system cooling fans to keep everything running quietly and cool, and what increases the value is that it comes with a keyboard and mouse, so you are ready to play on day one.

Best pre-built gaming PC for beginners

Affordable New-Gen GPU Power

If you are just starting out with PC gaming, you can choose the most budget option, but it is better to choose something that is both affordable and high quality. If you do not have much experience working with PCs, you will want something that will work well right out of the box, while giving you some room for easy upgrades in the future.

This HP Omen 25L is not the top of the HP line, but it still has skilled hardware that will get you up and running quickly. The Intel Core i5 10400 and Nvidia GTX 1660 Super are very powerful for esports and older AAA games, and although 8 GB of RAM is a bit lacking, you can easily upgrade it in this easily accessible chassis. It is also a relatively compact system, so you do not have to get used to a large tower in your room.

Best budget pre-built gaming PC

Reasonable performance

It’s rare to find such an affordable gaming PC that is actually decent, and even if you do not get the smartest cases or the best build quality with the XPS 8940, the hardware that actually drives your games is surprisingly decent.

The Core i5-11400 is the type of CPU you usually see on PCs that cost $ 1000 +, and although the base model GTX 1650 Super is great for entry-level gaming, you can upgrade it to a 1660 Super for just $ 50, making this a great more powerful gaming PC. Although Dell “recommends” the 1660 Ti model for $ 100 more, we advise you not to jump. The difference between that and the 1660 Super is insignificant.

Elsewhere, it has 8 GB of RAM, has 256 GB of super-fast NVMe storage, and has full support for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. There is no included peripherals, but you should have a money lover to choose your own with these savings.

Are Prebuilt Gaming PCs Worth It?

Surely. A pre-built gaming PC is a great way to start playing your favorite games immediately without having to build the system yourself. You still need to install some games and your favorite programs, but it’s a much faster way to play.

You also get more support, extra warranty coverage and warranties which means that if your new PC fails for any reason during the first year (or more, depending on the manufacturer and the warranty you choose when buying), you can get someone to Fix it for you, rather than having to troubleshoot it yourself. Pre-built gaming PCs are great for those who just want to play and do not care to learn how everything works themselves.

Can you upgrade pre-built gaming PCs?

Generally, yes, since there is ultimately little difference between most pre-built gaming PCs and do-it-yourselfs you assemble yourself. That said, some have components, such as ITX motherboards, that have fewer RAM slots or storage connectors, which can make the upgrade a little more restrictive. Some cases are also difficult to navigate and are not designed to open as multiple do-it-yourself designers are, so be sure to check reviews for any individual gaming PC you are considering if upgrading is important to you.

Is it cheaper to build your own gaming PC?

Almost always. Since you are not paying for anyone’s time to build it for you, you can usually save quite a bit of money by building your own gaming PC. You will also be able to maximize your budget to focus on the components that are important to you. All of the above pre-built gaming PCs are selected for their quality components, but many pre-built PCs have a more powerful CPU than what is actually needed or not enough RAM.

When building your own gaming PC, you can make sure that the GPU is powerful enough, that you do not spend too much on the cover or unnecessary accessories, and that you have enough storage and memory for what you want to do with it.

The only caveat to all of this is that GPU prices are still sky high. If you want an advanced GPU for your next PC build, it can sometimes be cheaper to buy a pre-built one.