Britain’s leaders are warning Prince Charles to stay out of politics

A royal rift is growing between Britain’s government leaders and the nation’s future king after Prince Charles allegedly called the controversial new policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda “terrible”.

Members of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet have warned the Prince of Wales to stop interfering in public policy for fear a political king would cause a constitutional crisis, according to The Sunday Times.

The royals issued a statement in response to the warning Saturday that Charles, 73, would be “politically neutral” when he inherits the throne, although court officials said the prince intends to be more forward-thinking in expressing his views than his mother. The London newspaper. so.

Charles’ reported comments came after the country’s Supreme Court on Friday decided to uphold asylum policy. The first flight of migrants to the African British Commonwealth was scheduled for Tuesday, according to the broadcast. The prince is said to have spoken out against the ruling several times and said that he was “more than disappointed” with it.

The schism between Downing Street and Clarence Place was said to stem from Johnson’s “disrespectful” behavior towards Charles when the two first met, the article said, explaining that the prime minister was “notoriously relaxed about punctuality”, while the heir to the throne “can not stand delays. . “

Battle Royal comes days before Johnson and Charles are scheduled to visit Rwanda for the Commonwealth’s Intergovernmental Conference, according to the newspaper.

Members of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet are demanding that Prince Charles tone down his political comments.
Peter Byrne / Pool via REUTERS

“Prince Charles is an ornament to our public life, but it will stop being charming if he tries to behave the same way when he is king. It will raise serious constitutional issues,” a senior cabinet member told the newspaper.

“Many of his views on architecture and horticulture are interesting, and I will always be willing to listen to them privately. But it is very different from the fact that he made public appearances as a monarch. The Queen’s genius is that most of us have no idea what she thinks.”

Other ministers were more dull, with one saying to the withdrawal: “Although this type of intervention will be tolerated while he is the Prince of Wales, the same will not be true when he becomes king.”

The UK Border Force is escorting arrested migrants to Dover Harbor, UK on 22 May 2022.
The UK Border Force is escorting arrested migrants to Dover Harbor, UK on 22 May 2022.

“The problem with Charles is that he thinks he must be interesting, and he thinks people are interested in what he is thinking. He seems to have misunderstood the role,” said another.

Charles has often aroused the indignation of the political class for having written frequent notes to ministers and talked about political issues in the past, the newspaper said. A report that he had been receiving confidential cabinet papers for decades also caused controversy among lawmakers.

In 2018, Charles allegedly told the BBC that he would operate within a “constitutional framework” after he was crowned and said he was “not so stupid” as to defy British law, which requires monarchs to be politically neutral and bans them from voting.