British Airways Lounges in the United States Join the Priority Pass

Priority Pass members have access to a few additional British Airways lounges in the United States starting today. More lounge capacity is always a good thing, you ask me …

Priority Pass members can use four British Airways lounges

Four British Airways lounges in the US now belong to Priority Pass, with limited opening hours. Priority Pass members now have access to the following lounges:

I do not think the San Francisco and Seattle salons have ever belonged to Priority Pass, but Newark and Washington have definitely done so in the past. In each case, lounge access is available for up to three hours and you can bring up to two guests. You can fly any airline when using lounges, as long as you manage to free up security in the terminal.

Note that other British Airways lounges in the United States, including those in Boston, Chicago and New York, are not included in Priority Pass.

Priority Pass members have access to several British Airways lounges

This is a logical move for British Airways

Priority Pass is paid by lounge operators when members visit their lounges. Lounges operated by airlines often have to find a balance between wanting to maximize revenue, while also not wanting to dilute the experience for their own passengers.

British Airways’ approach here makes sense:

  • British Airways opens its lounges earlier than they would otherwise, to generate increased revenue from Priority Pass members
  • During these hours, I expect a significantly reduced selection of food and drink compared to what British Airways would offer its own passengers
  • This is basically free money for the airline, as it will not cost much to staff the salon and offer basic food and drink, while generating a lot of income; the only other drawback is prolonged wear and tear on salons from several who use them

Many premium credit cards offer Priority Pass membership today, so many people have access to the lounge. The challenge is that there is not nearly enough capacity at some airports. Therefore, I would consider it a big win-win if lounges extend their opening hours to welcome Priority Pass members, as it provides capacity with minor drawbacks.

Expect scaled-down food and beverage offerings

The bottom line

Four British Airways lounges in the USA now belong to Priority Pass, which is an exciting development. Members can now use lounges in Newark, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington. In each case, there are fairly limited opening hours, as Priority Pass members cannot access these lounges at the same time as when British Airways travelers could access these lounges.

If you have any upcoming trips out of these airports, be sure to keep this possibility in mind.

What do you think about British Airways lounges in the US joining Priority Pass?

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