Business class passengers left “shocked” over the small meal on board

An airline passenger has been disappointed with the small meal he received after buying a $ 7,000 business class ticket.

The South Korean traveler, who flew Korean Air, was “shocked” by the size of a steak he ordered while on his way to Hawaii.

Shares a photo of their overwhelming meal on social media Naver cafethe man compared the size of the steak with his credit card.

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The passenger compared the size of the steak with his credit card. (Naver Cafe)

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He paid 6.48 million won, equivalent to $ 7198, for the 11-hour flight.

“This is a business class steak meal. When I look back on it again, I’m still shocked,” the man wrote.

The small portion of beef came with a cup of sauce and a side of potatoes and vegetables.

The man also said that he and other business class passengers were not offered blankets or alcoholic beverages during the flight.

He said that the flight attendants mainly rationed the food on the plane, and even claimed that grapes were distributed one by one and that the cheese was cut as thin as sashimi.

But despite his disappointment with the food, the man said that the service was still top notch.

Business class meal
The meal consisted of a small steak, vegetables and some potatoes. (Naver Cafe)

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“I do not want any misunderstandings as the service to the flight attendants was still the best,” he wrote in his post.

Several other passengers from Korean Air have recently complained about their experience with food shortages – some have even claimed that there were not enough blankets on the plane.

According to Korea Timespassengers are dissatisfied with the lack of facilities including towels and fruit.

“The prices of airline tickets were much higher, but the reduced services that are not related to COVID. I am worried that low-quality service will become the norm,” wrote a business class passenger.

Cathay Pacific Business Class
He paid over $ 7,000 for the business class flight to Hawaii. (Cathay Pacific)

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“Instead of the warm towels provided before meals, cold disposable napkins were provided, no fruit was provided, and no accessories were provided for the ramen and only one type of cold breakfast bread.”

A spokesman for Korean Air told the local press covid-19 is to blame for the supply problems on board.

“On some overseas routes, it is inevitable that the supply of meals on board will only be limited to flights departing from foreign destinations due to local quarantine policies such as border closures due to COVID-19,” the statement said.

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