Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a perfect collaborative game

Dear Polygon,

I like to find games (not necessarily co-op) that I can play with my wife. The most truly successful game we played together was Samorost 3 – the atmosphere, the puzzles, the creativity, we both really enjoyed it. I personally play a wide variety of games, but it can be a little difficult to find something that my wife and I can talk about and play together as a single player game. Things with history, some riddles and interesting aesthetics will probably attract her!

We’ve been exploring some of Amanita’s other games like Samorost 3, and we’ve been watching Stray, since we both love cats. My wife also tends to get motion sickness watching video games that are too much first person head tilting and looking around, so that’s a bit of a limiter.

– Bret

Hey, Bret. It is very important to find the right game to play with a companion, because the wrong game can cause chaos and frustration in both players’ parts – especially if one is less experienced than the other. If you’re looking for a collaborative experience, you do not want to play a classic classic Mario Party or an input-heavy, intense game like Overcooked. Finding the right collaborative game is something I have definitely struggled with – especially when playing with friends or family who are not as used to games as I am.

I know you’m not necessarily looking for a game to play together, but I think I have a game that will be perfect nonetheless. And that only happens to be co-op.

While my husband and I sometimes play competing games like Overwatch together we both have a lot more fun when it comes to collaboration. He’s not as interested in games as I am, and I admit he has a little frustrated if he can not keep up. But last year I found one game that was perfect for us: Chicory: A colorful tale.

Chicory: A colorful tale is a 2D adventure game about a dog with a brush that needs to bring color back to a black and white world. When Chicory, a famous painter and brush user, stops painting, it is the player’s job to take over. The most exciting element (at least for you, dear reader) is that it can be played with two players, with one person navigating the dog, Pizza, through the world, while the other player takes control of the brush. (Pizza is the dog’s canon name, but you choose a name based on your favorite food. If you were me, your pizza would have been called Watercress. If you were reviewer Mike Mahardy, your dog would be Cacciatore.)

Each of these players has different abilities, all of which are the key to solve Chicorytheir riddles. The player who controls Pizza is responsible for navigating the actual game world – where your controller dictates, Pizza goes. This player is responsible for maneuvering through puzzles and interacting with the surroundings, as well as talking to non-playable characters. The player on the brush, on the other hand, is responsible for coloring the world. The paint brush moves independently of Pizza, and the other player has a number of different colors and brushes at his disposal. They have fun coloring everything, but it’s still an important part of the game. Many of ChicoryThe puzzles require paint to align the world in important ways: for example, flowers need color to bloom, and in bloom they become a bridge for pizza to pass. When they are uncolored, they return to small flowers, and pizza can not pass.

These types of puzzles range widely in terms of difficulty and involvement from both players, and the fun thing about it is figuring out which pieces are moving and changing, and how – or if – colors will change the world in some exciting way. It is a multiplayer dynamic that requires players to talk to each other while playing, ask for help and come up with ideas. But it is also really satisfying when both players finally understand each other and the game’s language so well that the same calls for help are no longer needed.

I think it might be something you and your wife really like. It’s a really beautiful game with a beautiful design, real heart and a touching story – personally it was my favorite game last year!

Also, I want to thank you for a recommendation! I had not heard of Samorost 3 – or any of the Samorost games – before reading your letter. The art style is fantastic and I look forward to trying it out. Chicory: A colorful tale seems completely different, but I would like to hear how you and your wife are doing.

– Nicole

PS: Citizen Sleeper is another game my husband and I play together. It’s a single player, so one of us does the checks and the other just helps make decisions. It’s like a digital board game with a lot of reading and decisions to be made. Your wife will definitely not be traveling sick here!