Chinese victim of human trafficking posts video in wedding dress to find birth parents before ceremony

A Chinese child trafficking victim went viral after posting a video of herself in a wedding dress asking the public for help in finding birth parents before she gets married.

Bai Xuefang, 24, says in the video that she was abducted at the age of 3 or 4 and sold to her current adoptive family of traffickers for 1,000 yuan (about $ 149).

Bai started looking for her biological parents in 2015 after she learned the truth about her origins. In her latest attempt to find her parents, she recorded a video of herself wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress on June 19, hoping they can attend her wedding ceremony.

“As I am getting married soon, I hope my biological parents can be present at my wedding ceremony,” Bai said in the video. “I also hope that people watching the video will be able to help me find my biological parents.”

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Bai, who is from Baoding, Hebei, holding a photograph by herself as a 3-year-old child in the recording so that her biological parents will recognize her if they watch the video.

“I found out the truth about my origins when I was 11 years old and often argued with my adoptive parents,” says Bai. “They also beat me often and verbally abused me.”

The victim has no recollection of his birth family and has traveled across China in search of them. Bai started working at the age of 17. She currently runs a mobile crepe shop, where she posts information about her biological parents in the hope that customers can help her apply.

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Bai and her supportive fiancé hope to be reunited with her biological parents soon. Some viewers of Bai’s video were moved to tears by her determination. Others have also shared similar experiences online.

Child abductions have been an ongoing problem in China. In a report from 2011, the Chinese government estimated less than 10,000 children are kidnapped every year; However, the US State Department estimates that the number is closer to 20,000.

China’s Ministry of Public Security launched a campaign to address the issue of women and child trafficking in March when a video of a mentally ill woman chained in a shed of her husband went viral.

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