Corsair DDR5 RAM kit flash sale

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Corsair is currently running a flash sale on sets of DDR5 RAM on its website, these sets include some of the latest and greatest Corsair has to offer. The sale is ongoing in USA only and is only live from 08.00 BST on the 28th to 08.00 BST on the 29th. with 25% discount on all DDR5 sets. So do not miss it.

Corsair is one of the best manufacturers of PC components in the industry, their unsurpassed quality and their fleet of different components make them the favorite among many avid PC enthusiasts. Usually this type of quality has a cost, but not today.

There are four main DDR5 sets that can be purchased for a significant saving on Corsair’s website.

Corsair DDR5 RAM flash sale

Corsair DDR5 RAM kit flash sale

There are currently four DDR5 sets of interest for desktop PC users (there are also SDRAM sets available for all you laptop lovers). However, we will focus on the desktop packages.

The list of Corsair DDR5 RAM kits on sale is as follows.


Corsair Vengeance RAM is less flashy, as it has no RGB LEDs, but still looks like a part with an elegant and stylish design. This RAM is more for the sneaky players than for the RGB players in your face – not that there is anything wrong with RGB! This RAM has decent timing with good speeds.


This RAM is without a doubt the best RAM on the market, it is certainly one of the most beautiful, with an industrial metal design with individually addressable RGB lights. The Dominator Platinum RAM series means business, with high capacity, high speeds and convenient timing. DDR5 does not get much better than this.

DDR5 vs DDR4

DDR5 is the new RAM standard released along with Intel’s 12th generation CPUs back in 2021. But what makes DDR5 RAM so good?

DDR5 RAM, above all else, is much faster than DDR4. In fact, the standard supported range for DDR4 RAM was 1.6 – 3.2 Gbps, while DDR5 has a range of 4.8 – 8.4 Gbps. Well over twice the speed.

Speed ​​is also not the only improvement, DDR4 stopped at 16-gigabit memory chips, but DDR5 can use up to 64-gigabit memory chips. DDR5 also supports die stacking, which means that DDR5 can have up to eight dies on a single chip. Technically, DDR5 can support up to 2TB per module. This will most likely be reserved for future use, and the standard DDR5 sets will probably peak at 128 gigabits per pin.

Last word

You came to the right place if you were looking for a quick deal of up to 25% on DDR5 RAM, you also look in the right place in general if you happened to check out Corsair specifically. Corsair makes some of the best PC components in the industry, we believe that and that is why we recommend them. Now that you can get that Corsair quality at such a discount, it should be easy to get a set of Corsair DDR5 RAM.