Disney’s confusing 120-minute Genie + rule is now OFFICIAL

Disney Genie + is the new way to skip the queues at Disney World. To $ 15 per person per day, you can skip the standby queue and go straight to some attractions in the parks. To really get your money’s worth from the system, we recommend doing a little research before the trip to learn the ins and outs of Genie +.

Expedition Everest Lightning Lane

We’re in the Disney World parks every day, so we’ve done all kinds of research and experiments with Genie +. From our experience, we have learned a LOT about the program, including some rules that guests must follow to truly benefit from Genie +. Now Disney has made some of these rules official!

One of the most important (and potentially confusing) rules of Genie + is 120-minute rule. This rule has to do with WHEN you can choose Genie + Lightning Lane. Once you have purchased Genie +, you can make these choices all day long. They are like reservations to skip the queue at the attractions you choose.

Lightning Lane entrance

Remember that if you buy Genie + for your day, you can start choosing Lightning Lane at 7am. Each person in your group can only make these choices one at a time.

Lightning Lane

So everyone in your group can choose one trip (where they skip the queue) at 07.00. Once you have made a selection, you can make your next Lightning Lane selection when:

  1. You used the first one you ordered;
  2. Your first return window has expired (if you miss it); or
  3. 120 minutes have passed since you last ordered (or 120 minutes after opening the park, depending on the situation).

The third option is the 120-minute rule. Essentially, you can book another Lightning Lane 2 hours (120 minutes) after reserving one earlier if the return time for the first light rail is more than 2 hours away.

Tower of Terror Lightning Lane

For example, let’s say that at. 09.00 you ordered a Haunted Mansion Lightning Lane with a return time of 14.00. You do not have to wait until 2pm to make a new Lightning Lane reservation. Instead, 2 hours after you make that reservation, you can make a new one! So at 11.00 you can choose another attraction (and you will still have the reservation for 14.00 Haunted Mansion).

Lightning Lane sign

If you booked your first Lightning Lane at 7am, the 2 hours before the park opens will not start. (So ​​if you order one at 7am, but the park opens at 9am, you can order the next one at 11am – 2 hours after the park’s opening hours.)

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In the past, this rule was in a way unofficial – it was definitely true, but Disney did not officially state that it was the rule. But now, Disney has updated their Genie + website to include more rules as guests must follow the new skip system, and one of the rules they included was this 120-minute rule!

Splash Mountain Lightning Lane

More specifically, the Disney website now says the following about the 120-minute rule:

“Disney Genie + service Lightning Lane selections can only be made one at a time. You must redeem an existing Lightning Lane option for the Disney Genie + service or wait 2 hours – whichever occurs first – before selecting a new Lightning Lane entry option through the Disney Genie + service. Please note: The 2-hour waiting period for a new selection begins when the park opens, even if you made your first booking at 07.00. “

Winnie the Pooh now has a Lightning Lane!

In addition to that rule, Disney also included the following:

  • “Make sure you have valid admission and an amusement park reservation to the same park on the same day.”
  • “All attractions and experiences depend on availability.”
  • “Guests may be able to purchase the Disney Genie + service the day they visit the park and make their first Lightning Lane selection at 7 p.m.” (Please note that guests can purchase Genie + for each day beginning at midnight, but they may not select Lightning Lane until 7 p.m.)

Although none of the rules Disney added are new (these have always been true with Disney Genie +), now they are clearly written on Disney’s website.

Mad Tea Party Lightning Lane

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