Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC Review

Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC from Cyberpower PC is a beast of a machine, perfect for high quality gaming. From 1TB SSD to RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, it is a top level tower that I have had an absolute pleasure to play on.

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This PC was uniquely tailored so that we can enjoy games in the best surroundings with some fantastic raytracing. It has 2x Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB RAM, an Intel 12th Gen i7 CPU and a 1TB SSD from Western Digital. All this is packaged on an MSI Pro Z690-A motherboard with water cooling blocks installed across the various components, including the RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. Needless to say, there are many advanced components with a specially built water cooling system that keep it all very cool and incredibly quiet as well.

To test this system I started Microsoft Flight simulator, partly because I wanted to fly the Halo Pelican. Immediately, the recommended settings for playing the game to the maximum became “ultra”, so we are already off to an ideal start. Once inside, I downloaded Pelican and flew to some iconic landmarks around the work. It was just amazing. All the textures looked incredibly sharp and detailed, and everything was uploaded so quickly thanks to 1 TB SSD and 32 GB RAM. It was a joy to fly around the world and take in all these rendered sites in ultra settings.

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Let us now break down this system piece by piece to give you a thorough look at what this PC has to offer. Aside from gaming, 32GB of RAM is incredible when it comes to PC use in general. Although not a large amount, it is perfect for quickly uploading a variety of games and applications in good time. Fast jumping between such as Steam to Epic Games Launcher to Discord, it no longer takes me a millennium to quickly send someone a message and jump straight back to a game with Fortnite.

This works perfectly side by side with the Intel i7 CPU installed on the motherboard. While RAM is great for loading all apps and games, the CPU helps keep things running smoothly. If you’re like me who has a stupid number of tabs open on Google Chrome, then you know that the browser can quickly slow down a system, but for the most part I have managed to keep Chrome open in the background along with Discord and which game I play.

Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC / Cyberpower PC

Although there are a lot of games out there, my biggest go-to is Fortnite, and I needed to see how fast the system was performing when I was in an informal game. It’s not every day I have to fly around in a Pelican, while Battle Royale is a game many of us go into quite often. Needless to say, this custom gaming PC did not completely lose its mind when I jumped between the game and Discord or Slack, and that’s thanks to the CPU and RAM in the system. Without a doubt, we would live a dream if it had 64 GB of RAM and an i9 processor. But it’s still a blissful life with what this system packs, while I fall into Chonkers Speedway.

Fortnite / Epic Games
Fortnite / Epic Games

Of course, another big factor is speed storage, and nothing is faster than a solid state drive. Thanks to the Western Digital 1TB SSD, this PC starts up in seconds. In the past, I usually had time to make a rude brew while waiting for the system to load, but no longer. I would be lucky to be able to take a biscuit with how fast this station loads everything.

Along with CPU and RAM, you’re looking at really fast technology here, perfect for playing huge games in the open world. That said, the size of the drive is a catch, especially with the size of games these days. Installed about 4 games on the system and I’m already halfway through the drive, which is not good. Although there is room to expand the drive, it is a pity that it only came with 1 TB.

Driveway aside, RTX 3080 Ti is just that one when it comes to gaming. As mentioned earlier, I was able to play Flight simulator at ultra settings, and the PC handled it with ease. Thanks to the water cooling block installed on it, there is very little risk of it getting too hot when you play some of the more graphics-intensive games. All in all, for a gaming PC, it really is the most ideal card you could ask for.

Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC / Cyberpower PC
Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC / Cyberpower PC

To tie it all together, the MSI Pro Z690-A is the motherboard, with the custom water cooling system to keep everything in order. The good thing about this motherboard is that it offers plenty of room for expansion with multi-GPU slots, and extra space for more RAM, which means we can live our dream life of 64 GB soon enough. With the system as it is, there is nothing bad to say, since everything is going as well as it can be. With the SSD installed on this motherboard, we get some dreamy load times across the board – as mentioned earlier – and there is room to add more drives that will solve the lack of space we have right now.

All in all, this Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC from Cyberpower PC is one of the best systems I have ever played on. Although it has some flaws with drive space and RAM, these are things that can be easily solved thanks to the motherboard that allows us to expand all of this along the line. But despite that, I can still enjoy games in ultra settings without any problems, and that’s all anyone can ask for.