How big is the Open World Gotham City in the Gotham Knights?

A man in a red helmet and armor stands on a dark roof overlooking Gotham City at night.

Screenshot: WB Games / DC

Online co-op superhero action game Gotham Knights is set in an open world. And as with all recent open world games, people are asking: How big is the map? Ignoring the fact that this is meaningless information – both large and small maps can work if what is in them is good and interesting – WB Montreal developers recently discussed the size of Gotham City. Apparently, it’s the largest version of the famous Batman location ever seen in a game. I am both excited and very tired.

In a new interview with Game Informer, Gotham KnightsExecutive producer Fleur Marty and director Geoff Ellenor answered various questions about the upcoming superhero game, including sharing that Gotham City is “quite big” in this new DC adventure.

“I have not put one map over the other, but our Gotham is a great place,” Ellenor said Game Informer. “I usually spend a lot of my Zoom conversations on Batcyle driving around Gotham. It is one of the fastest and most relaxing ways to get around the city. It feels like a big place. ”

Executive producer Marty further explained that the city has “many teams” and that the team cared a lot to make sure that the version of Gotham City had a lot of “density and verticality”.

“It is clearly the largest version of Gotham that has been represented in video games,” Marty claimed.

He also described Batcycle as the game’s primary “long-distance vehicle.” So while you want to run and glide and … ghost shop (?) Around Gotham’s rooftops during missions, between missions, you’ll probably spend a lot of time driving around the city streets, probably not following any traffic laws either.

Gotham Knights – Official Nightwing and Red Hood Gameplay Demo

The idea of ​​a massive Gotham City sounds exciting for a collaborative game like Gotham Knights. Having a shared world that is large, dense and filled with details that I can explore with friends for hours can be wonderful. However, if the content is boring or the map is mostly empty or filled with boring side quests, the large size can end up being a disadvantage more than an advantage.

First announced in 2020 with a 2021 release and beyond delayed in March 2021, Gotham Knights looks rough and may need more time. But if the fight is half as fun as Arkham games, I can see myself feeling good in this massive version of Gotham City. Of course, I would also much rather have a new single player Arkham play instead.

Still, I’m hopeful Gotham Knightsa game that, thanks to other delays, has quietly become one of them largest only next generation releases from 2022. At the very least, Batcycles might be fun to ride.

Gotham Knights to be released on October 25 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. It has nothing to do with the awful CW show either.