Is the new PlayStation Plus worth it?

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The new PlayStation Plus is finally out in Europe! With it comes a whole host of benefits, games and different levels to choose from. The question is whether it is actually worth the money? And will it give you enough to do for your money? We’re here to find out and tell you exactly what you’re getting for your money with the brand new PlayStation Plus.

What is the price of the new PlayStation Plus?

Ok, first up here is the price guide for the new levels:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential- £ 6.99 monthly / £ 19.99 quarterly / £ 49.99 annually
  • PlayStation Plus Extra – £ 10.99 monthly / £ 31.99 quarterly / £ 83.99 annually
  • PlayStation Plus Premium – £ 13.49 monthly / £ 39.99 quarterly / £ 99.99 annually

PlayStation Plus Essential offers exactly the same benefits as the original PlayStation Plus offered, namely multiplayer access, cloud storage and monthly games. Extra and above offers a huge back catalog of PS4 and PS5 games that users can download and play. However, Premium offers the most: with it you can play original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS3 titles. You also get access to time-limited game trials on big titles, and can stream original PS3 games. There is a lot of content for a fairly small price, which will be less if you just upgrade from one level to the next.

What is the value for money here?

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When it comes to the actual value for money, it can not be underestimated how much money you want to save here. With two games as examples, Returnal is available through the PS5 catalog and will usually set you back around £ 50. The same goes for Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut, and the two games alone cover the entire subscription fee for the service itself. It’s not to mention the huge catalog of other games you can choose from. It may not be as much for the money as, say, the Xbox Game Pass, but it’s definitely worth the money to invest in even a single month.

How about the fact that it’s only around £ 4 to test out the extra version of the service, and your original PlayStation Plus is automatically upgraded to PlayStation Plus Essential EXACTLY, which means that the actual upgrade price will be greatly reduced from what you might expect It shall be. For example, upgrading to Premium from Essential for two months costs £ 9, which means that doing the whole thing in one year will be £ 54.

So is the new PlayStation Plus worth it?

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In the big picture, it’s impossible to say for sure if the new PlayStation Plus is worth it. It all really depends on whether Sony continues to support the service and adds new titles like Microsoft does with Game Pass, but if you’re curious then it’s worth taking a month and see how you feel. With games like Final Fantasy VII, Ghost Of Tsuhsima: Director’s Cut, Returnal, Demon’s Souls, God Of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and more, you will at least not find yourself bored.