Milwaukee Ring camera kill, young father killed

A Ring camera captured the sound of shots near the 6th and Rogers Monday night, June 21st. The doctor identified the man who was killed as Mathayus Burton, 18.

The family said Burton was a hard worker who would do anything to support his family. He leaves behind three children and one on the road.

His family wants to know why this happened and who did it.

The doorbell camera had a seat in the front row when the shots were fired on the south side of Milwaukee on Monday.

“You can not even have your children out,” said a neighbor.

The incident marks another tragedy in the neighborhood.

“It makes no sense, a young father down,” said a neighbor.

According to police, Burton was shot several times and died on the spot.

“It’s just crazy to go through this right now, to have this conversation,” said Burton’s aunt. “Like, this is really hurtful.”

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Burton’s aunt did not want to show her face on camera because she was afraid for her safety, but she said she wanted people to know about her nephew.

“Mathayus was actually out here trying to make the youth and the community a lot better,” Burton’s aunt said.

She said he was a great-grandfather and had a baby on the way. His aunt said the family came first.

“Mathayus worked all the time,” said Burton’s aunt. “He was not the type of boy who was out on the street.”

“I heard all the shots coming from where I live, everyone, so it’s scary,” said a neighbor.

A neighbor said after hearing shots many nights, that she was also too scared to go on camera for her own safety.

I do not want to be caught in the crossfire, said a neighbor. “I hit the floor all the time.”

She said her only option is to move.

“I have two boys and a grandson in the house, and it’s not safe, so I’m moving,” she said.

“It’s the youth. It needs to change,” said Burton’s aunt. “Something has to stop. Something has to give way. We have to make some kind of program, something for these kids.”

Burton’s aunt said that a change is needed since she is holding on to her nephew’s children.

Milwaukee police say the shooting started because of an argument. No arrests have been made.