Overwatch 2 will replace the original Overwatch

The original Overwatchtheir days are numbered. Last week, Blizzard revealed in a Reddit AMA that when Overwatch 2 launched October 4, it will overwrite Overwatch prime, and ended the six-year-old fight.

“When OW2 launched on October 4, it will be a replacement for the current live service, “wrote game director Aaron Keller.

While the transition will add a wealth of new content – new heroes, new maps and more – classic Overwatch will stop being, ending the 6v6 format and banishing the attack game type to the relative ambiguity of the custom game corner. The news came as a surprise since, originally, Overwatch prime and Overwatch 2 should exist side by side. During Overwatch 2 panel at BlizzCon 2019, Aaron Keller, the game’s current director, and Jeff Kaplan, the former game director who left Blizzard over a year ago, described a scenario in which players who upgraded to OW2 would still be able to play with those who did not.

With the players’ unlocked skins and other cosmetics transferred over, and with Overwatch 2 switching to a free-to-play model, it seems that there was no longer any reason to keep the two games in silo. In a comment to The Vergesaid the Overwatch development team:

“Our goal is not to divide our player base and to make the transition to Overwatch 2 as seamlessly as possible. For the purpose when Overwatch 2 Launched as a free-to-play live service game on October 4, it will replace the current one Surveillanceh build. Content players have unlocked Overwatch will be automatically transferred to players in Overwatch 2.

For players who are concerned Overwatch prime features are sunset with the arrival of Overwatch 2 (ie loot boxes), the AMA revealed that all unopened loot boxes will have the contents automatically added to your inventory, and any unused coins (a currency you earn via loot boxes) will also be transferred. However, Blizzard intends to create a new currency OW2and the old coins will not be able to buy everything that is offered.

There will also not be a matchmaking assessment reset upon arrival Overwatch 2. For fans who hope OW2 would bring with it a mass competition equalization, wrote Scott Mercer, chief system designer, that “A complete reset would mean that games would be completely unbalanced for weeks or longer across the entire service, and we do not think it will be a great experience for everyone.” Mercer, however, revealed it OW2 will include a new maturity system that will lower the MMR for accounts that have not played in a while to ensure that matches at all levels of the rankings are as similar as they can be.

While I’m excited about Overwatch 2, I’m a little sad that everything new goes at the expense of the old. I’m one of the extremely rare Assault fans, and downgrading the game mode to custom matches essentially means I will no longer play it, not to mention the many minute adjustments, such as changes to the user interface and sound design, which will fundamentally change how I’m playing the game.

Overwatch 2 launches October 4th, so Assault fans (yes, all 10 of us), it’s time for us to get into our latest licks.