Pre-built gaming PC with Intel Arc A380 GPU shows up abroad

A pre-order product page provides details about a desktop PC that has an Intel Arc A380 graphics card. The predominantly MSI brand-based system comes with an “Intel Arc A380 6G OC” discrete graphics card, according to this listing (opens in new tab) in China, as spotted (opens in new tab) by Evan Stenger.

Considering the product side, this pre-ordered PC seems completely configurable. For example, the entry indicates that customers can choose an Intel Core i3-12100F to Core i7-12700KF, with motherboards from A610 to Z690 chipsets. DDR4 RAM and SSD storage are also configurable, but it seems that potential buyers are stuck with the simple GPU choice, Intel Arc A380.

In our opinion, this is not an official MSI-branded PC, as one of its Trident, Aegis or Infinite game models. In East Asia, it is common for lesser-known system builders to thematize a PC with Asus, Gigabyte, MSI or other components and sell it to willing customers. This model appears to have a collection of mainly MSI components, tucked into a standard off-the-peg MSI MAG Shield M301 chassis of an outfit called Xinshisu.

We know that the Intel Arc A300 series is the entry-level graphics card from Intel, and it will make cards with higher performance and higher price in its desktop A500 and A700 series.

From previous reports, the Arc A380 has 128 vector motors capable of processing 1024 threads and running at 2.45 GHz, with 16 tensor cores, 6 GB GDDR6 with a bandwidth of 192 GB / s, 32 rendering units, 64 texture mappers and a power consumption of with 75W. As a rough guide, we have seen indications that the Intel Arc A380 for desktops will struggle with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards such as the GTX 1650 Super.

This listing was also brilliant due to the sharing of some estimated gaming performance statistics. For example, in a selection of popular MOBA games in China (League of Legends, etc.), the MSI PC with A380 6G OC can achieve between 84 and 200 fps + at 1080p, at low to medium settings according to a professionally prepared ad image.

Prices and availability details in the listing would be welcome. However, such information should not be too far away for an entry like this to appear over the parapet.