Red Sox Rally for Series Sharing with the Yankees

BOSTON – When it comes to league divisions, they are no more satisfying than the Red Sox went during the rival weekend.

Think of the way it started, with the Yankees marking Boston’s injury-prone starting rotation with losses on Thursday and Friday.

Think of the way it ended, with the Red Sox roaring back with two straight comebacks, ending by accumulating from an early deficit in four races and turning the table down to 61-25 Yankees, 11-6, at Sunday Night Baseball at Fenway Park.

“I don’t think anyone would have bet we would have split it after the first two,” said Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts. “They would definitely lie, especially after the first two games. We are definitely happy with a split, especially considering how the first two matches went. It felt like it went out of hand quickly. “

It was the same night that the Red Sox lost Rafael Devers and his huge bat in the middle of the series due to back problems. He sat the rest of the weekend and the Boston bats gathered for two straight impressive victories without him.

“With the guys we have on the injury list, and the fighting battles we put together today, the defensive games we did, it was a versatile team positive to get out of this series two against two,” said Red Sox right Nick. Pivetta. “I think it’s extraordinary.”

In fact, Pivetta’s teammates lifted him up after he was shelled out in six races over the first three innings to put his team in a 6-2 hole.

“It was very, very fun to watch, and I loved every part of it,” Pivetta said.

After going 0-8 in their first eight series against the American League East team, it was satisfying for the 47-39 Red Sox to finally split one, especially against the wagon known as the 2022 Yankees.

“I’ve always said we have a good team, but we have to keep working to get better,” said Red Sox manager Alex Cora. – We play in a tough division. We have been beaten in the division. We know that. But we feel we can play with anyone.

Although the Red Sox, except for a miracle, will not make up for the 14-game deficit they have with the Yankees in the division, these two victories were important for psychological reasons.

The teams meet 12 times this season, and the opportunity is there for them to meet in October.

You could feel how the momentum changed in the series just by listening to the wave from the audience (37,291 in the final) as the Red Sox scored nine unanswered runs from the third round to the seventh.

When JD Martinez smashed an equalizer, a two-run shot to the right to equalize to 6 in the fifth, Fenway was about as high as it could be in July.

“It’s fun,” Cora said. “The last two nights were loud, they were intense. When you enter 1 [for a 7 p.m. game] and there are a lot of people outside [the park], it means a lot. It’s like, ‘Yeah, get ready, it’s going to be a fun night.’ ‘

And it was. Especially for Martinez, who ended his home run drought with 25 games and 103 record appearances. Given Devers’ absence, Martinez’s timing was perfect.

“He’s a hit,” Cora said. “Like I said before, they go through [tough] extends. One thing about him, he’s going to keep working on his craft. It’s a good sign for him to drive the ball to the right.

If Martinez’s mash was the signing moment, Trevor Story’s base clearing was double high from the wall in the middle of the seventh hit that put it away.

Before Story’s big hit, Christian Vázquez, in No. 2 spot for Devers, helped get rid of that deficit with a solo shot over the monster in the third and an RBI double of the monster in the fifth that made it a two-run game and set up Martinez.

“Everyone did their job, for the most part,” Bogaerts said.

After the game, the Sox took a happy flight to St. Petersburg as they prepared for the final car ride before the All-Star break. First, they have four against the Rays at Tropicana Field. And then three at Yankee Stadium. This, with what should be a healthier roster.

Chris Sale makes his season debut on Tuesday night. Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Whitlock may be back from their IL stays by the weekend.

“Nothing changes for us,” Cora said. “We just have to keep playing and getting better.”

After a satisfactory split, it suddenly looks a little better for the Red Sox.