Secrets to avoid chaos at airports revealed – from the best airlines to book with to the worst time of day to fly

UNITED KINGDOM’s airports have been engulfed in chaos following a shortage crisis that has led to misery for hundreds of thousands of travelers.

Many flights have been canceled in the last month – with holidaymakers who have seen dream trips torn up before their eyes.


Ryanair is the best option if you want to get off the runwayCredit: PA
The best option is to fly in the afternoon


The best option is to fly in the afternoonCredit: Getty – Contributor
Stansted Airport came out on top for the fewest flight cancellations


Stansted Airport came out on top for the fewest flight cancellationsCredit: Alamy

While thousands have seen their luggage not arrive on time, and for many it has just been lost.

easyJet and TUI have been big culprits, but they say that the demand for covid after holidays has been impossible to keep up with while they do not have enough employees.

So what is the best way to get around the airport chaos, and how can you make sure you fly away without too much stress?


In data provided by FlightRadar24 and OAG, which analyzed flight cancellations between May 7 and June 6, the best time to fly late in the morning is between 10:00 and 13:00, reports The Telegraph.

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Only an average of 28 flights were kicked off between 11.00 and 11.59, or 0.75 percent of the flights scheduled in that hour – making it the best time to fly.

While at 18.00 was by far the worst – to see as many as 138 canceled flights between kl. 18.00 and 18.59.

That’s 3 percent of all flights that hour.


Data suggest that it is best to hop on a flight later in the week.

Wednesday to Saturday were actually the best days to avoid airport chaos in the month leading up to June 6th.

Saturday is actually the best option, as only an average of 157 departures were canceled.

Meanwhile, Sunday was the worst day to fly – with a monstrous 256 cancellations from the UK.

This means that two percent of all flights scheduled that day were canceled, so it is best to avoid them,


By far the best performing major airline was Ryanair, with only three canceled departures from the UK between 7 May and 6 June.

This means that only one of 4,366 was grounded. has also managed to fly past the chaos other airlines are experiencing with only five cancellations – one out of 1,037.

Turkish Airlines and Brussels Airlines managed to fly through the storm in the month up to June 6 as well.

Turkey’s national flagship saw only one of 608 flights canceled, while the Belgian airline had one of 309 flights canceled.

But avoid KLM at all costs.

On 1709 flights – the Dutch airline canceled 87 departures from the United Kingdom during the measured period.

It is a huge one in 20 flights (5.1 percent).

Flybe and easyJet also scored poorly – they registered one in 25 and one in 26 cancellations, respectively.


London Stansted came out on top with the lowest number of canceled flights.

The airport near Bishops Stortford, Essex, – which serves more than 160 destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia – has only been canceled

Birmingham, Leeds Bradford and Liverpool Airports also scored high – recording some of the lowest cancellation rates.

And avoid London City Airport if you can, they got 75 flights canceled, or one of 30 scheduled departures cut.

London Gatwick should also be avoided – the Crawley-based airport had the second worst record for canceled flights with one in 33 receiving the ax.

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In short, choose a flight late in the morning instead of an evening flight, fly in the second half of the week, but never on Sundays and take Stansted over Gatwick.

Ryanair over easyJet if you are flying budget and sunbathing in Croatia or Malta over Italy or Spain.

Data has revealed the best day to fly


Data has revealed the best day to flyCredit: Alamy
Horror scenes at Manchester Airport when TUI put hundreds of flights on the ground


Horror scenes at Manchester Airport when TUI put hundreds of flights on the groundCredit: Zenpix
Horror scenes at Heathrow Terminal 2 as thousands of pieces of luggage were piled up unclaimed


Horror scenes at Heathrow Terminal 2 as thousands of pieces of luggage were piled up unclaimedCredit: Splash