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You can get sundaes for dessert in the main dining rooms.

Here are seven things that cost extra on the Disney Cruise Line – and ways to get around those costs if you want to keep your budget in check.

1. Alcohol.

You will be presented with opportunities to enjoy on every single trip: beer stands by the pool deck, wine packages for dinner, bars on the main roads, tasting courses, roaming bartenders on the beach at Castaway Cay. Beer starts at around $ 7 per serving, glasses of wine start at around $ 8, and cocktails start at around $ 10 – with prices rising to multiples of this for special sideboards.

There is no need to drink, there are many teetotalers who cruise every day. But if you want to participate and also want to keep your budget in check, feel free to bring your own alcohol on board. Each adult (21+) can bring up to 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne (not larger than 750 ml) or 6 beers (not larger than 12 grams) on board at the beginning of the voyage AND at each port of call. These drinks must be packed in hand luggage (not checked in).

There are some rules for where you can consume your personal alcohol on the ship, but if you plan to drink a good deal, you can reap significant savings by bringing your own.

2. Excursions on land.

You are welcome to explore the ports on your own. It is not necessary to pay for an excursion.

Land excursions (in Disney-speak, harbor adventures) are planned activities outside the ship. In different ports, these can include cultural exploration such as museum trips, animal experiences that meet dolphins, sporty activities such as hiking or kayaking or more. These are fine, but can add anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, per person, per excursion, depending on the activity.

To save money, you have two options. Walk around the ports on your own first. Almost all DCL harbor stops have access to a shuttle bus or taxis that take you to the nearest town where you can explore at your own pace. Or, secondly, arrange a trip to the harbor that is not from Disney. Many independent providers offer excursions similar to Disney’s, often at a lower price.

3. Movie or theater snacks.

Prelude’s snack bar is located at the theater level of all five Disney ships. They sell snacks such as popcorn, sweets and soft drinks, all at an additional cost. But it is not the only food you are allowed to bring into the theater.

Before your show, head up to the pool deck, grab a free soda and some french fries or chicken nuggets, and you have nosh for free.

4. Adult serving.

Each Disney Cruise Line ship has one or two adult-only restaurants and requires a sometimes significant fee to eat there.

To save money, you can of course skip these restaurants. But that does not mean that you can not have a more special meal in the usual dining rooms. Feel free to order multiples of any course, order menu items from other rotating restaurants, or request that your food be adapted in a way that suits your palate. Assign your serving team as your ally to create the perfect meal for you, at no extra cost.

5. Fancy ice cream.

It may be cheaper to buy Disney Cruise souvenirs off the ship instead of on the ship.

Three of the Disney ships have specialty shops on board: Dream (Vanellope’s), Fantasy (Sweet on You), Wish (Joyful Sweets). They have fancy flavors available for a fee, but there is plenty of free ice cream on the ships as well.

It will be a sundae offered on almost every main restaurant’s dessert menu. And there is free soft dining available on all ships’ pool decks (always chocolate and vanilla, but often extra fruity flavors as well). A little creativity can make your free soft serving more special. Take some cookies from the buffet and make an ice cream sandwich. Add a little soft serving to a free soda to make a float. Bring a dish of fruit or syrup from the buffet to top the soft serving.

6. Souvenirs.

The Disney ships all have several gift shops, with good opportunities for spending. You can just skip the souvenirs. But if you want DCL goods, you should know that many of the ship goods are also available online at Shop Disney often offers sales and discounts not offered on ships, and they almost always have free shipping codes for orders over $ 75. If you want, for example, a t-shirt that says “Disney Cruise Line”, many of you can get it for less of the ship.

7. A porch.

Verandah is the Disney term for balcony. Cabins with verandas almost always cost more than sea views (porthole) or inside (without window) cabins. A porch can be nice, but there are plenty of places on the deck to sit outside and watch the water. Especially on a short cruise, you can have an equally nice experience without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars extra on a porch.

Tell us what your favorite DCL savings tips are.

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