Switzerland vs Portugal LIVE: Results Updates (1-0) | 06/12/2022

16:15 7 minutes ago

Are you kidding?

66 ‘Omlin kicks the ball into the legs of Bernardo Silva. The goalkeeper recovers.

16:14 7 minutes ago

Exchange in Switzerland

65 ‘Embolo out, Zuber in.

16:13 8 minutes ago

Omlin makes a great save

62 In his first appearance in the match, Bernardo Silva takes a strong shot from the edge of the box and Omlin saves.

16:13 8 minutes ago

Portugal exchange

61 Vitinha out, Bernardo Silva in.

16:12 9 minutes ago

Portugal exchange

61 ‘Rafael Leão out, Diogo Jota in.

16:12 9 minutes ago

Misses the target

60 Seferović is sent off on the left side of the central corridor, he is on his own, enters the field and shoots outside.

16:12 9 minutes ago

Omlin saves

59 ‘Remo Freuler takes a free kick from the left with a cross into the box and Omlin jumps to keep the ball.

16:10 11 minutes ago

Yellow card

59 ‘João Cancelo, Portugal right back. Common to Embolo.

16:10 12 minutes ago

Far away

58 ‘Nuno Mendes takes a short corner kick from the left and passes to Bruno Fernandes. The ball hits the right side of the court, but is rejected at the back of the net.

16:09 12 minutes ago

Too strong

56 ‘Nuno Mendes sends a long ball to Bruno Fernandes on the right side of the box, but the ball is too far and the ball goes wide.

15:56 25 minutes ago

In the hands of the goalkeeper

50 ‘João Cancelo receives a pass on the right wing, plays a beautiful one-two with a three-fingered post in the hands of Omlin.

15:56 25 minutes ago

Swiss answer

49 ‘Switzerland responds with Freuler. Seferović passes to the midfielder outside the box, but misses the target.

15:56 26 minutes ago

Omlin saves

48 ‘Nuno Mendes regains the ball in midfield after Embolo’s mistake. The striker enters the penalty area and shoots. Omlin makes a two in two saves.

15:52 29 minutes ago

For whom?

47 ‘João Cancelo receives a pass from Bruno Fernandes on the right and hits a post, but no one diverts and the ball goes out on the back line.

15:50 31 minutes ago


Second round is underway.

15:50 32 minutes ago

Portugal exchange

Otávio ut, Guedes inn.

15:49 32 minutes ago

Exchange in Switzerland

Widmer out, Steffen in.

15:49 32 minutes ago


The athletes are back on the field.

3:33 PMan hour ago


End of the first round.

3:33 PMan hour ago

Defensive cut

45 + 1 ‘Ricardo Rodríguez hits a free kick from the left and Danilo Pereira hits it into the box.

3:31 PMan hour ago

Extra time

45 ‘Two minutes to break.

3:27 PMan hour ago

Akanji removes the danger again

39 ‘Nuno Mendes hits a low cross from the left hand side and Akanji shoots wide.

3:26 PMan hour ago

Omlin saves

37 ‘Bruno Fernandes crosses for João Cancelo on the right side of the field and tries to get a pass over the top corner, but Omlin comes out of the goal to save it.

3:26 PMan hour ago

Akanji removes the danger

36 ‘Nuno Mendes board with Rafael Leão on the left side of the attack and crosses. Akanji moves away from the area.

3:20 PMan hour ago

Yellow card

33 ‘Widmer, Switzerland right back. Bruno Fernandes receives a free kick.

3:14 PMan hour ago


26 ‘João Cancelo is involved in a throw-in on the right, he gets in front of Ricardo Rodríguez, opens the box and tries to cross, but misses completely.

3:07 PMan hour ago

Exchange in Switzerland

21 ‘Shaqiri out, Okafor in.

3:07 PMan hour ago

Measures not allowed

18 ‘André Silva is sent on a diagonal pass by Bruno Fernandes on the left wing and crosses. Rafael Leão heads the ball in and scores, but the referee claims that the striker is offside.

3:07 PMan hour ago

Omlin makes the big save

16 ‘Bruno Fernandes swings in the corner from the left, Otávio takes the corner and Danilo Pereira takes the shot. Omlin makes a supply saving.

3:06 PMan hour ago

No penalty

14 ‘Conversation reversed. André Silva is fouled by Elvedi at the beginning of the game.

3:06 PMan hour ago


13 ‘WAS reviewing the lance.

3:05 PMan hour ago

Yellow card

12 ‘Danilo Pereira, Portugal’s defender. Discuss with the judge.

3:01 PMan hour ago

Punishment to Switzerland

11 ‘Elvedi regains possession of the ball in midfield and moves forward. Shaqiri receives the pass and crosses. The ball hits the arm of Danilo Pereira and the referee awards a penalty.

3:01 PMan hour ago

Omlin saves

10 ‘Rúben Neves lifts Otávio in the area and Omlin is safe.

2:56 PMan hour ago

Omlin saves

7 ‘Rafael Leão wins the dice with Widmer again on the left and hits low. Omlin falls and saves.

2:55 PMan hour ago

In the hands of the goalkeeper

6 ‘Rafael Leão is again run by Rúben Neves on the left side and hits a post at the second post. Otávio deviates and Omlin holds.

2:55 PMan hour ago

Lost ball possession

5 Rafael Leão is set up by Rúben Neves on the left, trying to get past his marker but he puts the ball too far and it goes over the bar.

14:49 2 hours ago


1 ‘Shaqiri puts up Widmer on the right wing and the winger crosses the ball for Seferović to head into Rui Patrício’s right corner.

14:45 2 hours ago

Are you ready?

The game starts in a few minutes.

14:40 2 hours ago

Warm up

Athletes warm up on the field.

14:30 2 hours ago

Portugal replaces

14:25 2 hours ago

Switzerland replaces

14:15 2 hours ago

Switzerland team line-up

14:05 2 hours ago

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How to watch Switzerland vs Portugal live stream on TV and internet?

13:50 3 hours ago

When is Switzerland vs Portugal the match for the UEFA Nations League?

13:45 3 hours ago

Possible line-up for Portugal

13:40 3 hours ago

Possible line-up for Switzerland

13:35 3 hours ago

Position League A Group 2

13:30 3 hours ago

UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is a competition organized by UEFA with the aim of increasing the number of competitive matches between all the teams affiliated with the highest body in European football. All 55 teams were divided into leagues and groups. Series A, B and C have four groups with four teams each. In League D, there are two groups, one with four teams and the other with three. In League A, the champions of each group play a square final, called the Final Four, which is to be played in a country among the finalists. Semi-finals, third-place decisions and finals are played in a single match. According to UEFA, the semi-finals of the Nations League 2022-23 will be played on 14 and 15 June 2023, while the third place and the final game is planned for 18 June 2023. four last placed teams will be relegated to lower leagues and will be replaced in a relegation / promotion system .

13:25 3 hours ago

The match will be played at Geneva Stadium

The Switzerland against Portugal the match is played at Geneva Stadiumin Geneva, Switzerland, with a capacity to receive 30,000 fans.

13:20 3 hours ago

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