The best game-taking speedruns from Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Enlarge / All four mascots seen in this SGDQ promo image are shown in various speedruns held last week.

Summer games done quickly

The Games Done Quick series of charity events has long been a favorite with gaming fans and critics at Ars Technica as it combines classic, beloved video games and carefully studied methods to break them apart in search of high-speed businesses.

This year’s summer installment is particularly special, as it is the first in 2.5 years to take place in a physical location – albeit with some of the strictest masking and distance requirements we have seen in a live public show in 2022. (GDQ’s organizers are shown to read the news, which makes sense for a series that benefits such as MSF.) Even with precautions, the combination of players, commentators and crowds in the same room has brought the excitement back to the broadcasts, which is why we are gathering some of the best races from the last week, as archived on GDQ’s official YouTube channel.

The event is still going on as of the publication of this article, which means you can watch it right now via the Twitch channel. The event’s last runs, dedicated to Elden Ringends in the late hours on Saturday 2 July.

Tunic speedrun, Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Tunic2022, “true ending” race

If you have not yet played Tunic, we recommend that you take a break before watching this game-breaking, spoiler-filled frolic through many of its biggest secrets. (My review of the game in March has far fewer spoilers.) But if you’ve already collected the game’s many hidden “instruction booklet” pages, you should consider this a must-see, because it includes a compelling guest on real-time comments: Andrew Shouldice, the game’s main designer, programmer and artist.

He is joined by a member of the Power-Up Audio team, who worked on the game’s soundtrack, and they reveal tons of information about how the game was made – including confirmation of how many of the biggest companies were left on purpose by the game’s developers. . game. At one point, Shouldice sees a trick begin to play out, and tells the audience that he programmed it to be an opportunity, but that he could never personally trigger it. Moments later, the speedrunner demonstrated the trick, allowing him to swing through a wall and bypass lots of difficult content.

Halo Infinite speedrun, Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Halo Infinite2021, “no tank gun” run

Many classic game speedruns include several categories, and the most broken ones are known as “any-percent” runs, as they allow players to use any trick and skip any quest they want. In some games, such races can be tedious to watch, and they are infamous Halo Infinite is no exception.

This sprint begins with a demonstration of the “tank gun”, which attaches a gun with unlimited ammunition to the Master Chiefs’ feet. There’s too much help for speedrunner’s tastes, but this SGDQ demonstration still features lots of crazy tricks that combine geometric clipping and supernatural physics exploits – all reinforced by Chief’s immediate access to a new grappling hook element. Sure, the hook causes players to move much faster through the world, but it also becomes a wild mistake that causes players to bounce off explosive barrels in ways that defy gravity.

Thunder in Paradise speedrun, Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Thunder in paradise1995, all intermediate sequences run

We’re not sure if this is GDQ’s first speedrun dedicated to a full-motion video game (FMV), but it’s certainly one of the dumbest examples of the mid-90s CD-ROM genre. Thunder in paradise is based on the short-lived TV series of the same name, which played Terry “Hulk” Hogan with Jack Lemmon’s son as a crime-solving action duo on the beach, and it was as bad as it sounds. The video game version, referred to as the CD-I console, forces players to watch unbearably poor live-action footage between light-exchange firing sections.

In most video game speedruns, players skip as many cinema scenes as possible, but GDQ chose to show this game’s filmed footage in its entirety while shooting the weapon game parts as quickly as possible. Hold on, brother.