Toddlers watering the garden accidentally spray stranger passing by: “Perfect timing”

This parent on TikTok posted a video of her toddler watering their front yard before she decided to spray a passerby, and viewers are hysterical about the fun moment.

TikToker Adrian Rowlands (@adrianrowlands) is a parent and entrepreneur who posts clips of his daughter, Bella, in addition to training content. One of Rowlands’ videos shows little Bella spraying water on someone walking past her house while watering the front yard, and viewers were greatly entertained by the toddler’s inexcusable curiosity.

The clip opens with a picture of Rowlands and Bella standing in their driveway. Bella holds a large garden hose and sprays water on the lawn and the garden in front.

“Are you watering the grass?” Bella’s mother asks cheerfully behind the camera as she approaches the toddler. Bella continues to spray the same lawn before a passing woman catches her attention.

Bella’s curiosity prevails when she sees the passer-by, and she points the garden hose at the pedestrian.

“Oh no! Sorry! Sorry,” apologizes the mother of the toddler to the passing woman, who does not seem the least bit bothered by the mini shower.

Both mom and dad share a laugh, and the toddler looks questioningly at the camera. “Bella, you just have to have it in the garden,” her mother explains gently. The toddler goes back to watering the same patch of grass from before, as the video nears its end.

Viewers lost it because of the innocent typical toddler blooper.

“Perfect aim, not timing,” said one user with a series of hilarious emojis.

” You look like you need a shower. Let me help, ” joked a TikToker.

«Lol! How did the passerby react? I would laugh all the way home if this happened to me, “asked one viewer, to which Rowlands replied,” She laughed, bless her! “

As Rowlands’ video shows, a toddler’s logic can definitely result in some fun moments.

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