Tourist posts a picture of his hotel room in London, and complains that it is very different from the promo picture

A visitor to London has unveiled a picture that emphasizes how advertising images of hotel rooms can deviate quite noticeably from reality.

Tourist Jerone Tan checked into the five-star-rated Tower Suites hotel in London, just meters from the Tower of London, and expected a “floor-to-ceiling view” of her room, as shown in one of the photographs that was shown when he ordered it.

The campaign photo showed the Tower of London beyond the windows, fresh flowers on the coffee table and desk, and patterned pillows. Mr Tan posted a photo of the actual room on Twitter next to a promo photo, with his reality check photo showing how an exterior wall extends halfway up the windows and a total lack of the Tower of London. The flowers, meanwhile, are conspicuous by their absence.

This advertising image is used by the Tower Suites Hotel in London to promote the Signature Suite and One-Bedroom Apartment, and was the image tourist Jerone Tan saw when he ordered the latter

Tan posted this photo of his one-bedroom apartment on Twitter to highlight the differences from the advertising image

Tan posted this photo of his one-bedroom apartment on Twitter to highlight the differences from the advertising image

Tan, 46, who lives in Singapore, told MailOnline Travel: “I did not expect a great view. What I expected was a view – floor-to-ceiling windows.

“What we got was a wall that covered most of the view. It felt really claustrophobic. ‘

The company that operates Tower Suites, Blue Orchid Hotels, tweeted to Mr Tan that “the images on our website are for reference purposes only and the rooms are not all identical, including the views”.

But Mr Tan argued: “At the end of the day, some will agree that it is not even near any of the pictures on the site.”

Mr Tan paid £ 1,138 for a three-night stay at Tower Suites in a ‘one bedroom apartment’ but was upgraded one step to a top ‘Signature Suite’ after check-in.

He made the booking on, which shows a living room image for the one-bed apartment and the signature suite that is identical, with Blue Orchid Hotels explaining that this is because some one-bed apartments at the Tower Suites offer the same Tower of London look as the Signature Suite .

The page for a Tower Suites studio that Mr Tan looked at

The page for a Tower Suites studio that Mr Tan looked at

The Signature Suite is considered to have “magnificent views of the Tower of London”.

But Mr Tan emphasized that his had a wall that partially blocked the view.

He explained that he was moved to different rooms twice after checking in on Wednesday, June 22, after complaining.

His other room – a one-bedroom apartment – had a “full view of train lines”, but was ruined by an “electric buzzing noise”, which he said made sleep difficult.

Tan, who works in banking, saw a return of the outer wall that covers the windows of his third room – another one-bedroom apartment – which is the room he photographed and posted on Twitter.

Mr Tan decided to check out and stay somewhere else after just one night and received a full refund for the two unused nights, but only, he says, ‘after a whole series of complaints through social media and countless exchanges with “Guest Relations” ‘.

Tan added: “They never apologized or admitted it was a problem.”

Tower Suites told MailOnline in a statement: “We regret that Mr Tan remained dissatisfied with the staff’s genuine efforts to understand and resolve his concerns and chose to travel earlier than the scheduled date. The comfort of our guests remains our top priority, and we hope that Mr Tan will resume contact with us to resolve his isolated concern. ‘

The hotel has hundreds of very positive reviews on Tripadvisor. But Mr Tan’s experience was not completely isolated.

Tripadvisor reviewer ‘ti_boo34’ wrote on June 9 after a stay at Tower Suites: ‘We booked over the phone directly with the hotel and asked for a room with a nice view. [But] our room (724) was overlooking a very ugly building / wall. There was also a loud electric buzzing noise which was constant and very annoying at night.

Asked if the experience had stopped him from visiting London in the future, Tan replied: “London is one of my favorite cities in the world. So much energy, good and varied food – yes, I totally believe in that – and things to do. Outstanding.

“I still want to visit London, but will be very careful about choosing hotels, especially with the crazy prices at the moment. I would be wary of the local brands / chains.

“I will probably stay in hotels that I have had good experience with or stick to the international chains in the future.”