Travel off the beaten track in Japan, to the point where three prefectures meet

Visit this unusual site and you can say that you have been to three prefectures in one day.

If you are like us and love to explore parts of Japan that few tourists know aboutToday’s adventure will be right up your alley for you.

Today we are going out to “The boundary of three prefectures“, Which marks the place where three prefectures meet. About 40 of these three-point borders are said to exist around Japan, but most of them are located in inaccessible places such as mountains and rivers, so this particular border is a unique one well worth visiting.

The border of three prefectures checked Tochigi, Gunma, and Saitama prefecturesand although you can approach the site from all of these sites, we recommend Michi and Eki (“Road station”) Kazowatase in Saitama as the best place to start from since it has parking, rest rooms and shops and it is only 450 meters (0.28 miles) from the border.

▼ Michi no Eki Kazowatase

Our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma will be your guide today, although he is not as professional as most, since he came here at 17:30, half an hour after the facility closed for the day. Still, Boundary of Three Prefectures has no closing time – it is available 24/7 every day of the week – so he stopped at the memorial sign and took a picture before accidentally taking the road there.

▼ The three pictures in the circles (left to right) show scenes from Gunma’s Itakura bySaitamas Kazo CityTochigis Tochigi bywhich meet at the border point.

According to the signs, the border of three prefectures seemed to be down a flight of stairs and 450 meters away.

For some reason, Masanuki thought the intersection would be on Michi no Eki’s property, but as he walked down the stairs, he realized he was leaving the parking lot and heading out into the countryside.

It started to rain a bit, so Masanuki picked up speed and broke into a small sprint, keeping an eye on signs pointing him in the right direction along the way.

▼ Turn right about 150 meters

▼ Turn right here

After turning right, Masanuki jogged around 250 meters and could not help but smile when he saw this handwritten sign that read:

“Welcome! The border of three prefectures is right in front. This is Tochigi Prefecture.”

▼ And right next to the building was this sign that led to the entrance to the border.

The path here stretched like a red carpet, leading Masanuki to the place he had just jogged in the rain for. The paved walkway in front showed the care shown to make the place accessible to all, and it did not take long before Masanuki arrived …

▼… the boundary between three prefectures!

Originally, Masanuki had planned to just look at the page and take some pictures for us before he passed away. But now that he had arrived, he felt a sense of accomplishment increase in him, so he decided to interact with the site a little more, and showed us what nature looked like in all three directions.

▼ Tochigi Prefecture

▼ Gunma Prefecture

▼ Saitama Prefecture

Oddly enough, each prefecture looked a little different from this point, something Masanuki did not expect.

▼ This handwritten sign gives you an overview of the prefecture boundary.

▼ In the middle of the border is a brass plate on a cement block that marks the center of the intersection.

On the plate are the words “The boundary of three prefectures“, Along with the latitude and longitude of the location and names of Saitamas Kazo CityTochigis Tochigi byand his Gunma Itakura by.

▼ The original brass plate was stolen in an unsolved mystery that happened in August last year.

Before leaving the place, Masanuki could not resist taking a quick tour of each prefecture, and jumped through each of them to commemorate his visit.

The rain started to spit harder now, so Masanuki took his camera and say a hearty goodbye to Gunma and Tochigibefore jogging back to Michi no Eki in Saitama.

It was a fun day out, and Masanuki had the tourist spot to himself while he was there. He strongly recommends visiting the unusual three-way border if you can, and you can always stop and pump some hot spring water at this special DIY onsen booth in Saitama while you’re there.

Location information
Michi no Eki Kazo Watarase / di i 駅
Address: Saitama-ken, Kazo-shi, Onofukuro 1745-1
Open: 8.00-17.00

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