UAE: Demand for summer travel increases as Dubai attracts many incoming tourists – News

Relaxed Covid Restrictions, Pristine Beaches are among the many reasons travelers choose the Emirates for their vacations

By SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Sun July 10, 2022, 6:27 p.m.

The UAE is experiencing an influx of incoming arrivals, leading travel agencies in the country have said. Lots of tourists from Central Asian and East African countries rush into the United Arab Emirates to experience sunny weather conditions, pristine beaches, world-class architecture and shopping and dining experiences in the Emirates.

According to a survey from April 2022 by the Dubai Department of Economics and Tourism (DET), the Emirate received almost four million international overnight visitors between January and March 2022, up from 1.27 million visitors for the same period last year, representing a total of 214 percent Annual visitor growth.

Libin Varghese, Director of Sales and Marketing, ROOH Tourism LLC, said that they have received a large number of guests from European and African countries due to the easy access and the climatic conditions. “One of the main reasons why tourists flock to Dubai is the weather, which Europeans love. Packed with hundreds of activities, tourists find Dubai the best option for traveling on summer holidays,” said Varghese.

He further explained that since travel to China is limited, airlines in the country use aircraft for different sectors, to accommodate the incoming rush. This has also affected ticket prices to Dubai, which is relatively cheaper from some African and European countries.

This is the first summer where travel is relatively stress-free as many Covid-19-induced restrictions, such as pre-trip testing, have been relaxed. Dismantling of Rapid PCR / PCR tests gave a sigh of relief to travelers on their way to the UAE.

Travel agencies highlight the ease of travel, relaxed Covid restrictions and pristine beaches are other reasons why tourists choose UAE for the summer holidays.

“Thanks to the UAE Government’s swift action to tackle the virus and the gradual resumption of commercial and tourist activities, travelers are attracted to spending memorable time here,” said Thomas Liju, Sales Manager, Tours On Board Pvt LTD.

He added that they have received several inquiries for incoming tourists. “We have received many guests and receive hundreds of inquiries daily, as Dubai is the preferred destination for summer travel for Central Asian, African and European countries.


“People from Georgia are keen to visit the country and we have a special package for them. We are planning a Musandam trip for them and adding Jumeirah to the itinerary to enjoy the beaches,” said Liju.

“Flight prices from African countries start from Dh900 to Dh1100 and from European countries the ticket costs Dh2200 depending on the departure airport, which is cheap compared to other destinations,” added Liju.

Travel agencies have also received many Israeli tourists to the UAE after opening the borders.