UFC on ESPN 37 play-by-play and live results

Round 1 – It sounds loud in the Moody Center! This is a large in featherweight. We’re up and running. Cats are a moderate favorite here. Let’s see if the oddsmakers are right. Both guys are very patient. There have not been many strikes yet. Cats measuring range right now. We’re one minute into the match, and there have been almost no strikes. The audience is buzzing. Cats circle away from Emmett’s hand of power. He stumbles down against the fence. He bounces up again and throws a combination of two strokes. Cats sting and throw a bone kick. Lots of bouncing around. Emmett throws a couple of punches, then a leg kick. Emmett lands a right hand. Cats sting. Emmett bleeds from above the left eye. They open up and exchange. Emmett connects with his left hand and then shoots. Emmett lands on break. Horn sounds. 10-9 Emmett.

Round 2 – Let’s see if things pick up here. Emmett lands a combination, and follows it up with his right hand. Emmett tries the same strike again. It’s usually his fatal shot, so I expect it’s more where it came from. Cats have to throw … something. He just stands there and fights for safety. Cats jabbing. Emmett is bleeding more now. This shock has essentially stopped Emmett. He has stopped pushing himself forward. Cats land on a standing elbow. Emmett hits his head with a blow. Emmett flies in with a combination. Cats emerge from a massive right hand. Emmett is briefly looking at changing positions. Then he switches back. Emmett dives under a Kattar combination and gets hit. Cats dry over their noses. Emmett threatens to take off and lands a combination. Emmett shows up for a takedown again and Kattar gives him a knee. It was well timed. Cats land another. Emmett lands a hard combination before the horn. 20-18 Emmett.

Round 3 – Cats do good things. He just has to do more of it. Right now he’s probably down with two zippers. Emmett comes out with a combination. Emmett goes down Kattar and lands a large overhand right. Emmett lands another combination. Cats land an elbow. Emmett almost turns around with a right hand that misses. He has freaky power in his right fist. Emmett kicks the leg. Emmett lands an overhand right. Cats return to the sting and land a nice uppercut. Another right hand from Emmett lands. Emmett has tried this standing rear elbow a couple of times. Anderson Silva-like. A random flashy weapon in an otherwise meat and potato attack so far. Cats are bloody now. The round ends. 30-27 Emmett.

Round 4 – There was an interesting conversation going on in the corner of Kattar. Coach Tyson Chartier asked Kattar what this problem is. Cats said, “He’s uploading.” It seems that Kattar is worried about the power of Emmett. Let’s see if Kattar listens to the coach’s advice to be aggressive – and let’s see if it pays off. Emmett lands a combination. Emmett hurries with Kattar, lands a combination, pushes him into the fence and shoots. Cats avoid. They break. Cats land an elbow. I feel that the self-confidence of the two men is moving in opposite directions. Cats are becoming more and more shy. Emmett is becoming more and more comfortable. Both men land. Emmett aims at the body again. Both guys are sporty under the eye. Cats break Emmett with a spinning elbow. It was loud. They are getting divorced. Cats drill Emmett with an elbow, which wobbles away. It was the most rock in the fight for both men. Emmett’s face is a mess now. That elbow did its damage. Emmett shoots and gives up. Cats sting – right into the injury. Au. Emmett confuses. Cats avoid. The horn sounds and the two fighter jets covered in blood go face to face. This will be good. 39-37 Emmett.

Round 5 – “Let’s the hell do this,” Chartier tells Kattar. Meanwhile, Emmett’s corner tells us that their fighter is 3-1. The doctor gives Emmett’s eye clearance and we’re ready. Last round starts. The momentum slowly picked up for Kattar before the break. Let’s see if he continues where he left off. Cats sting. He lands a right hand. Emmett lands a combination. A nice uppercut counter lands at Cats. He then comes over the top with a right hand. Emmett dives down for a takedown. Cats stuff it. Emmett lands a leg kick. A check hook lands for Kattar, who moves out of Emmett’s reach. Both fighters land. Emmett pushes forward and Kattar blocks his header. Cats double up on stings. His volume drops again. Cats land a nice right hand. Emmett lands a left hand. Cats talk to Emmett. He seems to want to switch, but goes backwards. A good right hand lands for Kattar. Emmett misses wildly that Cats avoid. Both guys are trying to spin their fists. They both miss, which breaks the two fighter jets when the last horn sounds. MMA Junkie scores 48-47 Emmett.

Result: Josh Emmett def. Calvin Kattar via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47)
Records: Calvin Kattar (23-6 MMA, 7-4 UFC), Josh Emmett (18-2 MMA, 9-2 UFC)
Division: Featherweight
Broadcast: ESPN
Judge: Herb Dean
To judge: Sal D’Amato (48-47 Emmett, scored rounds 4 and 5 for Kattar); Chris Lee (48-47, scored rounds 2 and 5 for Kattar); Doug Crosby (48-47 Cats, scored rounds 1 and 3 for Emmett)