We are testing the new game pins that give the game PC look to your dinner table 【Photos】

Now you can eat in the high-tech glow of game lights.

There has long been a subgroup of the gaming population in Japan who believe that if you are snacking while playing video games, you should use a pair of chopsticks. Sure, french fries, biscuits, candy and all sorts of other salty or sweet snacks are fine as finger food, but if you are in the middle of a game session, you do not want to transfer fat and crumbs from your fingertips to your controller.

So maybe it was inevitable that we would see the development of game sticks.

Developed by Shanghai Donya and sold through Japanese specialty store for PC Dospara, these chopsticks have a stylish look, with their angular shape and clear construction. However, the underestimated aesthetic is only when the implements are in sleep mode, because these chopsticks “play” in the same way as the finest, flashy gaming PCs are: with vibrant colored light!

If you hold the chopsticks, you will notice it they have quite thick dimensions, sort of halfway between regular chopsticks and chopsticks.

This appears to be at least in part because the upper ends must be large enough to hold the power source of three LR41 batteries per pin.

Pull out the pin, press the button on top of the pins, and …


Do not worry, you will not be forced into a two-tone look if you do not want it. You can actually choose from nine different colors, which you can scroll through by pressing the button, so you can mix or match whatever you want.

Due to the size, the playing sticks may feel a bit unwieldy at first. However, they are not gigantic, and we expect you to get used to their size long before you become insensitive to how cool they look. We especially like how they light up your food, like how they made our simple bowl of white rice with bonito flakes sprinkled on top for a neon cyber meal.

When you have finished eating / playing and are ready to do the dishes, there is one important thing to remember. Because the upper ends of the chopsticks have batteries, you should not get them wet. Instead, loosen the upper and lower parts and only wash the lower ones, which are transparent plastic without damaging electrical parts.

▼ This also explains why the playing sticks are longer than usual, so that the bottom sections are large enough for you to pick up a piece of food without using the upper, non-washable part.

Dospara sells the game sticks for a reasonable price of 580 yen ($ 4.30). They are currently sold out on their online store, so the best option is to check out the chain’s physical branches in Tokyo’s Akihabara, Hachioji and Machida neighborhoods.

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