Woman stunned after her boyfriend refused to pay for half her flight

The Internet has taken a side with a woman after her boyfriend refused to pay for half of her flight after inviting her on a trip.

In a post on Reddit, the 24-year-old asked if she was unreasonable in expecting her 25-year-old partner to help with parts of her plane ticket.

The woman explained that her boyfriend of three years had invited her to his brother’s party, but his boss wanted to pay the cost of his flight with a more expensive airline.

She wrote: “When I asked about him, he said I could catch that flight too. The flight is $ 300 as opposed to $ 112 for a cheaper airline.

“My boyfriend made it clear that he did not want to fly with me on the cheaper airline or contribute the extra $ 190 so we could fly together.

“Instead, he expects me to choose – pay the extra money myself or fly alone and find my own way to my brother’s house in a city I’m not familiar with.”

She also said that not only does her boyfriend earn three times her salary, but that she also recently won $ 5K.

She continued: “I was excited to go and can justify $ 112, but for $ 300 it seems excessive to pay $ 190 extra while my boyfriend travels for free.

“I do not expect him to pay for my flight or the whole $ 190, maybe just $ 90 to help me. I never expected or even accepted that my boyfriend pays for anything for me, so this is not a common occurrence.

The woman’s boyfriend of three years invited her to her brother’s party, but his boss wanted to pay the cost of his flight with a more expensive airline.

“I know I just could not walk, but I’m hurt by the fact that he would not sacrifice himself for me when I know I would do it if the roles were reversed. I do not know if it is unrealistic to expect the same from him so that I do not have to travel alone. “

After asking if she was wrong about being upset, some Reddit users said he did not have to pay for her flight.

One said, “You can ask for his financial help, he can say no.”

But most people we on her side.

Someone wrote: “Personally, I would skip this trip. His attitude does not make it seem very inviting. I can understand that I do not want to contribute financially, but that it basically seems cold to leave you to find your way there and back.”

Another person added: “Your girlfriend is immature and does not care that you are coming. You are his guest and the fact that he does not pay at all for this flight and excursion while he expects you to pay to attend?

“Absolutely not. Bail on this guy, he’s not serious about you, and even if he was, will you deal with this level of selfishness for the rest of your life?”

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